2017 Main Stage

Captain Stingray’s Groove Machine

Captain Stingray’s Groove Machine is a musical fusion influenced by a wide range of styles, philosophies and cultures, from Funk to Bossa-Nova to Reggae to Pop, Captain Stingray’s Groove Machine, will take you dancing round the world with their spicy rhythms.

Dirk Digglers Blues Revue

One of the best British blues bands in the business. If you want to hear quality blues music, these guys have got it all.

It is rare to come across bands like Dirk Digglers Blues Revue in the bars and clubs of the UK and is a real treat when you do. Their ability to relate the feel and emotion of the blues to their audience is hard to better.

Greg Murray and the Seven Wonders

In a big old shed, at the bottom of the wild garden of an old house in Stoke, something wonderful is happening. Seven musicians have been laughing a lot, and spending a few years growing a sound which fuses the twang of Americana with the clip of an Irish jaunting car. Some call it death country, others prefer Stokes answer to Arcade Fire, but you need to decide for yourself.

Herbie Jack

Delivering politically charged reggae music in a heavyweight style. One love!


Moitessier was formed around June 2013 by five multi-instrumentalists who all met on the local music scene. The original idea was to form a band with an acoustic, stripped back style and sound. Some of their collective influences include Matthew E. White, Phosphorescent and Jonathan Wilson as well as classics such as The Band, Crosby, Stills & Nash, Neil Young, The Faces and The Rolling Stones.

Sugar Rush

Fun packed rocking three piece that fire hits from Amy Winehouse to ZZ Top on a rock and roll rollercoaster of mayhem. From garden party to festivals always a crowd pleaser.

The Kings Pistol

Walking the line between Americana and English folk. Debut LP ‘Long was the Road, Dark was the Night’ out on vinyl…

The New Breed

The New Breed hail from the north of England; a five piece ensemble who love to play live.

They inhale bands such as Aerosmith, Rival Sons, AC/DC and Led Zeppelin and exhale an exciting sound that sets the stage alight.

UK Bjorn

Great voices & musicianship, stunning costumes & choreography, NO miming, 100% professional on & off stage, plus years of experience. Why look any further!