Alsager Music Festival



Tanooki Suit

Tanooki Suit 2



12:00 pm

We’re not messing around this year, blasting straight out of the gate we have Birmingham gabba & hardcore raveslinger: Tanooki Suit!

Tanooki Suit’s journey into rave peril began in 2007 at a Venetian Snares gig in grimey electronic mecca Electrowerkz. Since that day, breakcore & jungle have been the order of the day & there was much rejoicing. Later on in that same year, after an iconic Hellfish gig, he was introduced to what most people would call his soul mate; hardcore.

In 2017 alongside Vash & Basshoven, the Tarantism clubnight was born in Birmingham, where they play loud noises to a growing number of like minded nutters. 2023 saw a successful Tarantism Takeover at the Bangface Weekender & a trip to Finland to play as many kickdrums as possible for Graveyard Shift. 2024 sees many more confirmed sets across the UK with a stop off at Beatherder Festival.

Usually playing 200 bpm hardcore, he’s decided to try something different for Alsager this time & break out the happy hardcore! Expect lots of fuzzy kicks, silly synths & a pitched up vocal or two!!!